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In 1987 David B. Hughes had an idea of building a new and better canteen body. With 25 years of catering experience, he had new and fresh idea's of how to build the finest catering truck in the business today. His idea was to give the customer what they wanted with grill's, steam tables, pizza oven's and refrigeration. His innovative idea combined clean lines, eliminated sharp corners and made repairs projects quick and easy.

In 1989, he was at the top of his field building the finest body, while maintaining competitive pricing. The good old tradition still follows with his two sons, and son-in-law. Although times have change with other companies trying to cut corners, we instill the same values the David brought to the business . . . 25 years ago! We have and will continue to take the catering industry one step further to create a body far superior to any other. Listening to our customers and protential customers give us an opportunity to prove that we will make you the finest body to your specification and produce the best product in the industry.

Brad S. Hughes
Chris J. Hughes
David A. Celata

Bostonian Body, Inc
151 Bow Street
Everett, MA

Email: bbody96@aol.com


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